Fall Collection 2023

a. We had an original—dare we say it—from the 1960s, when the real McCoy was the “Marlboro Man”. Nothing less than the original quality and luxury were acceptable to us, and we rejected sample after sample. Finally, we’ve succeeded in producing exactly what we set out to find— an incredibly handsome shearling coat in a classic whiskey color, with a rich sheared interior, leather buttons, minimal seams, edged stitching, and the ideal weight for a gentleman’s coat. You don’t need to be out on the range to enjoy this special coat; it’s great for those cold, damp winter days in New York, Chicago, Boston, et al. It will provide years of wear (our original prototype has been worn through two generations). Available in even sizes 38–48. Shearling Coat, ASC…$1,895. b. We propose a pure cashmere scarf with a nutmeg and green plaid and our tan and gold sheepskin lined deerskin gloves for this coat. Scarf measures 12" wide and 71" long. Scarf, JES39…$185. Gloves, U21D…$225. c. Our 100% cotton to the calf socks, with contrasting color at toe and heel, are a colorful choice for weekends when a short bright sock adds zest to your wardrobe. Sock sizes 11–13. From left to right: 19-navy, red; 20-yellow, royal; 21-melon, grey; 22-orange, cream; 23-violet, lavender. One pair bright cotton socks, CTSX…$38. c At left: Pebble grain leather high lace boots from the Crockett & Jones bespoke range with hardy Dainite rubber soles and heels, and a pull at the heel. The Coniston boot, 8637…$745. 114 | www.bensilver.com 1-800-221-4671 | 115 a b …classically styled for timeless appeal genuine shearling