Fall Collection 2023

a. Perfect lightweight and skid resistant rubber overshoes slip on easily and roll up smaller than pocket size, so you will always be prepared. From left to right: TIN02-trim rubber shoe cover in sizes S–XL; TIN01-commuter rubber shoe cover in sizes M–XL. Each pair overshoes...$42. b. Our handsome cashmere lined deerskin gloves are made by hand in Italy, and offered in A-black; B-brown. Sizes 8–10.5. Shown alongside our antique Buchannan tartan scarf from Scotland. Measures 65" x 10". Gloves, MU10...$175. Scarf, JESX…$165. c. Four tartan umbrellas from Fox Umbrellas, with chestnut handles and a 27" golf style famous “Fox frame”. Quick wicking fabric, easy roll up and tie, and sturdy polished ferrule. Perfect for the golfer in the family, at bottom left to right: A-Black Watch; D-Dress Gordon; E-Stewart. On top, C-Buchanan. Fox Tartan Umbrellas, FXTU…$225. d. Our classic slim black umbrellas, made exclusively for us, are from renowned Fox of England, built on a 25" “Fox frame”, with unique handles and shafts. Shown at top: Choice Stout Whanghee handle umbrella, built on a wooden shaft, and richly scorched, FX-GS7…$475. Below, from top to bottom: One piece shaft and handle scorched maple umbrella, FX-RS5…$435. One piece shaft and handle cherry wood umbrella, FX-RS7…$445. Malacca handle packable umbrella, also built on a wooden shaft, with a handle and ferrule that unscrew, but remain attached on a brass chain, FX-GS4…$525. Each umbrella slips into a companion black polyester cover. a d 112 | www.bensilver.com c b 1-800-221-4671 | 113 We are delighted to offer a new and improved version of the classic British tan raincoat. This coat is the culmination of years of product development - tweaking each and every detail... until, at last, we have determined that everything is just right! The cotton coat is single-breasted, with a raglan sleeve, placket front, horn buttons, and comes with a button-in 100% wool removable tan warmer, adding to the coat’s all year wearability. Some of the traditional details shown here, including handsome interior “buggy” check lining, add character to the overall simplicity of the styling. Available in odd sizes 39–41 and even sizes 40–48. Made in England expressly for Ben Silver. Classic English Raincoat, CRW…$1,175. the classic English raincoat …& accessories