Fall Collection 2023

116 | www.bensilver.com WE OF FER A SELECTION OF UNIQUE and sophisticated apparel and accessories for women, from French and Amer ican designers, along with sweaters, jewelry, handbags, shoes, gloves, scarves and hats from America, France, Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland and Denmark. Our collection of women’s eyeglass frames is distinctive and beautiful. As with our collection of apparel and accessories for men, we are committed to the finest craftsmanship and materials, and a tradition in which we can proudly say that “…classic style has always been our business.” At left: A few items from this season’s selection of fine apparel and accessories for women: Ladies 4-ply cashmere cable knit turtleneck sweaters, LH30-B in canvas and LH26 in cranberry. Each sweater...$895. Donegal trousers, PRP2…$325. Yellowlip shell necklace, EBL…$305. Bold classic frame in red, BSRD-C…$335. Quilted leather flats, PMCZ-I…$245. Tuscan leather handbag in red, BLSH-A...$625.