Fall Collection 2023

a. Enjoy these traditional striped silk neckties for the holiday season and long afterward. The vibrant stripes have a timeless bar stripe setting in either A-forest green with ruby stripe; or B-ruby ground with a forest green stripe. Each tie, RT117…$165. b. Our red lightweight wool waistcoat is a perfect expression of your festive sentiments. Enjoy it under a traditional blazer, and remain understated though colorful! Shown with a classic forest green ground repp silk tie with ruby red stripes. Waistcoat, HRFV…$325. Tie, RT117-A...$165. c. Two seasonal ties to enjoy throughout the holiday season, depicting vibrant Christmas trees in meticulously jacquard woven English silk on either A-ruby ground or B-navy ground. Each tie, RT115…$165. d. Our cable and stitch cashmere crewnecks are made for us exclusively in Scotland and are available in two colors: A-spruce; B-russet. Sizes M–XXL. Each sweater, WL78…$435. e. Enjoy these red Italian Super 120s flannel trousers with a sweater for a holiday event, or under a blazer and sport shirt. They are made in our old world workroom, cut in either plain front, HRPL or forward pleat, HRFP. Holiday red flannel pants…$325. Belt, TABD-B…$495. a At right: Our traditional Black Watch pattern wool waistcoat will be a handsome addition to your wardrobe, equally polished on its own, or under a navy blazer. Even sizes 40–48 Regular. Shown with our white ground cotton button down shirt with a blue and navy check, and our Signature collection forest green necktie. Waistcoat, W366…$325. Shirt, 423…$225. Tie, W397-E…$165. c d Above: Traditional Black Watch tartan trousers, cut in our old world workroom with meticulous attention to detail, from pure wool woven in England. Available in either HBWF-forward pleat or HBWP-plain front. Sizes 32–44 even, and 33–39 odd. Each pair of trousers…$295. Belt, S9678-A…$155. b e 74 | www.bensilver.com 1-800-221-4671 | 75 …especially for the season dress to celebrate