Fall Collection 2023

a. Our plain weave 100% Pima cotton crewneck sweaters are easy to wear throughout the year. Handsomely knitted with a banded sleeve and bottom, in three reliable colors, each perfect with one of our fine oxford button down shirt featured on this spread. Sizes M–XXL. Shown top to bottom: A-British khaki; B-russet red; C-denim blue. Each sweater, KCS8...$195. Shirt, 5869…$225. b. Our soft and pliable 1³⁄8" wide belt, in a mottled “Havana cigar” color leather and edge stitched for casual wear. Available in sizes 32–44. Havana cigar leather belt, S1144-E…$145. c. Ludwig Reiter of Austria, the highly regarded European name in fine shoes, has made these navy blue pebble grain leather sneakers, or “trainers” for us. They have a full leather lining, reinforced toecap, and gum soles. Available in European sizes 41–47 (US sizes 8–13). Sneakers, LRNS…$395. Above: These three wonderful weekend button down shirts, cut from Thomas Mason Italian woven cotton, to our demanding specifications, are available in: A-royal blue gingham; B-magenta gingham; C-light blue gingham. Each shirt, 6432…$215. Above: Ludwig Reiter, a highly regarded European name in fine shoes,has made these bison sneakers, or “trainers” for us. The characteristic hand of bison has a handsome pebble grain. Made with a full leather lining, reinforced toecap, and gum soles. Made in Austria. Available in European sizes 41–47 (US sizes 8–13). Shown front to back: C-brown; A-tan; B-black. Bison sneakers, LRS2…$395. Below and at right: Our selection of 100% pima cotton sweaters, knitted in Peru, should be a wardrobe essential. The appeal of this easy to wear plain weave cotton knit is its versatility throughout the season. Perfect for cool evenings, handsome on its own over a shirt and always right under a jacket. Our plain weave cotton V-neck sweaters with banded sleeve and bottom are available in three wonderful colors, shown top to bottom: C-denim; A-British khaki; B-russet. Sizes M–XXL. We’ve paired this sweater with our appealing Swiss woven cotton button down shirt with a handsome colorful small plaid in yellow, orange and blue. Each sweater, KCV7...$195. Shirt, 9425...$225. a b a c 66 | www.bensilver.com 1-800-221-4671 | 67 all year ‘round comfort… pima cotton crewneck sweaters