Fall Collection 2023

a. Historically, Shetland wool has been associated with the colors of the Shetland isles, and this group of sweaters is no exception. We think the sea and surf reminiscent hues of these sweaters is especially appealing. The allure of Shetland wool is its softness and fluffy hand, so that the plain weave sweater is characterized by a good deal of loft. The banded sleeves and ribbed bottom are typical, as is the 2x1 ribbed crewneck. This season, we offer five wonderful hues: A-sea pearl; B-cornflower; C-coral; D-marine; E-shamrock. Sizes M–XXL. Shown with our pink and white gingham check button down shirt, featured at left. Each sweater, WL160...$195. Shirt, 737BD...$225. Shown on Blair: Coral Shetland crewneck sweater with blue and white gingham check button down shirt in Swiss woven cotton, and medium grey plain front flannel trousers. Sweater, WL160-C…$195. Shirt, 736BD…$225. Trousers, plain front, HFLP-B or forward pleat, HFL-B…$395. b. Moleskin trousers cut in our Italian workroom from 10½ oz. English cotton. Available in either HBMF-forward pleat or HBMPplain front and in sizes 32–44 even, and 33–39 odd. Top to bottom: H-navy; B-camel; A-dark lovat. Complemented by our striped surcingle belt in camel. Each pair of trousers…$225. Belt, S683-K…$85. c 1-800-221-4671 | 61 a rich in tradition …Shetland wool crewneck sweaters Below: Our small gingham check button down collar shirts are cut from the finest 2-ply 120s thread count Swiss cotton. Available in 736BD-blue on white or 737BD-a rich pink and white, in a full range of sizes. Each shirt…$225. a b 60 | www.bensilver.com