Fall Collection 2023

56 | www.bensilver.com OUR TROUSERS ARE CUT FROMTHE FINEST Br itish, Ir ish and Italian classic fabrics with high thread counts. This season, we offer gabardines, flannels, cavalry twills, corduroys, English drill cloth, moleskin, Donegal tweeds, and more. All our trousers, dress and casual, are made in an artisan old world shop in Italy. All are impeccably cut and sewn to the very highest standards, including a split waist-band for extra comfort and easy alteration, and piped fly seams and crotch lining. Some dress pants include a change pocket inside the right front on seam pocket, as well. Available in either forward pleat or plain front,in sizes 32–39 even and odd sizes, and in sizes 40–44 even only.As with all fine trousers, ours are unfinished. At left: Our Italian woven corduroy truly is the cord of kings! Woven in Italy and meticulously cut in our old world workroom. Pants, in forward pleat, SPCF, or in plain front, SPCP…$235.