Fall Collection 2023

b. These classic striped English silk ties will handsomely accessorize nearly every jacket, shown, A-gold; B-wine; C-navy. Also available as to-be-tied bows. Each tie, W396…$165. Each bow tie, BW396…$98. c. French woven white linen and cotton square with a black and cornflower blue corner check. Pocket square, SGP1…$75. d. Solid color elegant flannel trousers in Super Merino 120s wool woven by E. Thomas of Italy. Enjoy wearing these handsomely draping trousers in either HFL-forward pleat or HFLPplain front. Sizes 32–44 even, and 33–39 odd. Shown from top to bottom: A-charcoal brown; B-medium grey; C-charcoal blue; D-charcoal grey; E-white doe. Complemented by our 11⁄ 8" shiny finish crocodile belt in brown. Each pair of trousers…$395. Belt, TCBB-B…$345. a. Here is a timeless glen plaid sport coat, woven by the renowned Fox Flannels mill, in open and bright hues of blue, on a cream ground. As with all of our sport coats, tailored in our workroom as a two button jacket with a canvassed front and hand felled natural shoulder, classic point to point at the shoulders, with side vents, double pipe and flap lower pockets and a welted upper pocket, with slim bluff edge lapels and a comfortable trim silhouette, in a full range of sizes. Shown with our Swiss woven white and blue stripe cotton cutaway collar shirt, and a classic English silk striped necktie, entirely hand sewn, in wine, navy and gold. In the pocket, our French woven white cotton and linen pocket square with an elegant corner check in blue and grey. We propose our charcoal blue flannel trousers, cut from fine Super 120's wool in our Italian workroom. Jacket, 272J…$1,245. Shirt, 4256…$225. Tie, W396-B…$165. Pocket square, SGP1…$75. Trousers, plain front, HFLP-C or forward pleat, HFL-C…$395. b a b d c 50 | www.bensilver.com classic Prince of Wales plaid …in merino wool & cashmere