Fall Collection 2023

d b a. Our light yet lofty Scottish cashmere sweaters are a luxurious practical addition to your wardrobe. Our traditional crewneck style is handsome every day of the week, whether as a casual weekend addition to your wardrobe, or under a sport coat. We offer four new and handsome colors for the season: A-blue haze; B-brick; C-ivory; D-seagreen. Sizes M–XXL. Shown with our button down shirt with a red and blue tattersall on a white ground. Each sweater, HW108...$595. Shirt, 690...$215. Shown on Bob: seagreen cashmere crew neck with his favorite button down shirt, 170s thread count Swiss cotton Bengal stripe Panama weave, and winter khaki color drills. Sweater, HW108-D…$595. Shirt, mm…$295. Drills, forward pleat, HFDF-A or plain front, HFDP-A…$245. b. Genuine English bridle leather belt, 13/8" wide, detailed with a double fine shoe stitched billet. Lined with natural glove leather and fitted with a hand polished, sand cast, natural brass buckle. Sizes 32–44, in A-black or C-tan. Each bridle leather belt, S9678…$155. a a At left: We are pleased to offer our English Drill trousers in traditional 100% combed cotton drill cloth, air brushed to a comfortably soft, yet still crisp finish, in two colors: A–the original khaki color and B–a warmer golden shade. The fine weave twill fabric replicates the cloth used in the manufacture of uniforms worn by the colonial British army on the drilling fields of tropical outposts since the 1840's. Our drills are constructed to the same exact standards as all of our finest dress trousers. The tailored “V” opening at the back seam that allows a better fit, the finished waistband, and the French fly front are found only on the finest dress pants. The high quality fabric makes them perfectly at home in dress or casual surroundings, and the exceptionally tight weave of the drill cloth fabric permits these pants to hold a crease longer. Dry cleaning maintains the crisp clean finish. Available in either HFDF-forward pleat or HFDP-plain front. Sizes 32–44 even and 33–39 odd. Drills, available in A-khaki, or B-golden tan, either plain front, HFDP or forward pleat, HFDF…$245. Belt, S9678-C…$155. knitted in Scotland exclusively for us …featherweight cashmere crewneck 1-800-221-4671 | 35