Fall Collection 2023

a. We have designed the classic tennis sweater in an exquisite and luxurious 4-ply cashmere, knitted exclusively for us in Scotland. The handsome cable and rib stitch has a perfect tri-color V-neck, and the same colors appears on the ribbed sleeve and bottom. The principal color of the body of the sweater is an understated soft green, assuring a timeless place in your weekend wardrobe. Sizes M–XXL. We pair the sweater with one of our soft cotton tattersall check button down shirts, with a green and blue grid. Sweater, HW109...$695. Tattersall check twill shirt, 2317...$215. Shown on Danny: Tennis sweater with green and blue tattersall button down cotton shirt and cream flannel trousers. Sweater, HW109…$695. Shirt, 2317…$215. Trousers, plain front, HFLP-E or HFL-E, forward pleat…$395. b. What better accompaniment to our luxurious cashmere sweater than our traditional white flannel trousers, meticulously cut in our Italian workroom from the finest Italian flannel, and available in either forward pleat, HFL-E, or plain front HFLP-E…$395. Shown with our genuine English bridle leather belt, S9678-C…$155. Our navy buck, with its handsome rubber sole, is a stylish and practical shoe to complete this classic look. From Crockett & Jones of England, the Bermuda, 8606N…$650. Shown with our wool argyle socks, in red and navy, WAL-26…$40. b 1-800-221-4671 | 15 a the tennis sweater …classic style personif ied Below: Five wonderful button down shirts, each with blue as one of the colors in the check, but each with a distinct second color. As with all our button down shirts, with a perfect collar roll, gentleman’s cut, and all the trimmings of the finest shirt-making, including single needle stitching, 2-ply high thread count cotton, and mother-of-pearl buttons, as well as two sleeve buttons at the gauntlet to adjust the size of the opening for a watch. In a full range of neck and sleeve sizes. Shown from top to bottom: 2317-green, blue; 2316-magenta, blue; 2315-brown, blue; 2314-red, blue; 2313-navy, blue. Each shirt…$215. a 14 | www.bensilver.com