Fall Collection 2023

a. Our exclusive Italian crafted handsome Tuscan calfskin leather shoulder bags have a leather tab closure, an interior zippered compartment, a cell phone pocket, and a small card pocket. Dimensions: 14 ½" width, 10 ½" height, 6" depth. Shown left to right: B-amber; A-black; C-sienna. Shoulder bag, BSLS…$525. b. Our Italian handcrafted black nappa leather gloves, with rabbit fur pom poms, are cashmere lined. Sizes 6.5–8.5. Gloves, LD48…$185. c. Our Italian crafted elegant cream color cashmere gloves have grey rabbit fur trim. Sizes 6.5-8.5. Gloves, LD2…$155. d. The perfect everyday tote in a versatile shade of red will be your new go-to bag! Handcrafted in Tuscany by a 60 year old family company. Features two interior zippered compartments and a card holder. Dimensions: 11" tall, 15.5" wide, 5.5" deep. Tote bag, BSRT…$455. a b c d e. Our cashmere stole in a classic autumn Buchanan tartan is cozy as a wrap on a chilly night, and can be worn under a coat as a secure layer or warmth, or over a coat for more comfort. Toss it on a couch, as a welcome mat for a cool evening! Measures 27 ½" wide and 75" long. Shown with cream cashmere knit gloves, trimmed in rabbit fur. Stole, JES42…$395. Gloves, LD2…$155. f. Yellowlip shell necklace, composed of a delicately joined combination of white shell and pinctada maxima (a pearl oyster resin that produces South Sea Pearls), and fitted with a gold filled closure allowing for a maximum necklace length of 18.5", is made exclusively for us in America. Yellowlip shell necklace, EBL…$305. g. The natural variation in color makes each of our diamond link horn necklaces one of a kind! Measures 24" in length. Necklace, EBH…$165. f h. We offer our unique Tuscan calfskin leather handbags in three handsome colors: A-red; B-chestnut; and C-royal blue. The exceptional shape mimics a seashell with interlaced segments opening elegantly in an accordion manner. Shoulder straps are adjustable. Interior is handsomely finished, including a zippered purse. Each handbag, BLSH…$625. i. Nappa leather rabbit fur trimmed gloves with cashmere lining available in A-black and B-chocolate brown. Made for us in Italy. Sizes 6.5–8.5. Gloves, LD45…$195. 1-800-221-4671 | 121 e g i h ...for the well dressed woman sophisticated wardrobe essentials