Fine Shoe Collection-Spring 2024

Fine Shoes, Socks & Leather Goods… Spring 2024

On the Cover: From Crockett & Jones of England, "The Harvard" is our classic unlined loafer in tan pebble grain leather. Featuring Goodyear-welted construction and leather soles. Available in sizes 8.5–12. See pages 6 and 7 for additional styles. The Harvard loafer in tan pebble grain, 8365B…$680. Classic Style in the Finest Leather …from Crockett & Jones of England On the following pages are the finest benchmade shoes from England, Italy, Austria and America, produced exclusively for Ben Silver by makers renowned for quality in both workmanship and materials. Our classically styled footwear is as practical as it is elegant and graceful; dress shoes are cut from the best vegetable tanned calfskin, in Goodyear welted construction. The traditional styling and quality of these shoes meet all the expectations of the well-dressed gentleman. There is also an assortment of fine leather belts in many of the same vegetable tanned hues, and you will find a handsome collection of exotic leathers. We complement our selection of fine shoes with an equally wonderful range of knit socks from Italy, as well as fine leather goods from England. This is just a taste of our collection of classic apparel and accessories. Find us on the web, as well as in our world renowned shop on historic King Street in Charleston, South Carolina; until you do, enjoy a walk through our exclusive collection on these pages. Copyright © 2024 The Ben Silver Corporation A few of our Goodyear-welted shoes from Crockett & Jones of England. Shown from front to back: The Bosham Saddle Shoe in beige canvas (page 17), 5183…$625. The Crewe Loafer in tan and white calfskin (page 5), 2010C…$695. The Chalfont Monk Strap in tan (page 31), 8622…$710.

1-800-221-4671 | 5 Many of the shoes in this catalog are manufactured by England’s premier shoe maker, Crockett & Jones, exclusively for Ben Silver. Founded in 1879, this family owned company has been renowned for over a century for their benchmade shoes. They produce our selection of fine shoes predominantly by hand, from the highest quality materials in order to produce the best possible fitting characteristics. Each pair takes up to eight weeks to manufacture in a painstaking process that involves over 200 highly skilled operations. The finest calfskin and suede uppers are combined with slowly tanned natural bark soles, for superior strength and flexibility as well as glove-like comfort. The shoes are hand polished and waxed for the perfect finish. They have closed channel stitching; pure vegetable tanned outer soles; full sock lining with interior hand markings; and uppers hand sewn to the welts, creating the Goodyear welted construction. Sizes 8.5–12 D width. 2010C: Burnished tan with white 2010A: Burnished tan with stone canvas 2010B: Navy with white GSX Opposite page: Our handsome two-tone “Crewe” loafers are exclusive from Crockett & Jones of England. Cut on the same last as our Harvard loafers, in the finest calfskin, with a contrasting vamp in either white calfskin or stone canvas, and leather soles. Shown from left to right: 2010C-burnished tan with white; 2010A-burnished tan with stone canvas; 2010B-navy with white. Sizes 8.5–12. Each pair of Crewe loafers…$695. Above: We offer these 100% cotton over the calf socks in a classic grid pattern in delightfully colored summer pastel shades. Left to right: 16-violet, white; 18-light blue, white; 12-melon, tan; 15-yellow, white; 13-sage, tan; 17-pink, white; 11-blue, light blue. Available in sock sizes 11–13. For the sock sizing chart see page 26. One pair cotton grid socks, GSX…$38. THE “CREWE” LOAFERS COTTON GRID SOCKS Exclusively Ours …by Crockett & Jones 4 |

6 | 1-800-221-4671 | 7 THE UNLINED LOAFER The Harvard unlined loafer in a range of leathers, including our exclusive and rare whiskey cordovan. In sizes 8.5–12. Above, from left to right: Tan pebble grain, 8365B…$680. Navy pebble grain, 8365F...$680. Chestnut burnished calf, 8365…$690. Burgundy cordovan, 8365A…$975. Whiskey cordovan, 8365C…$975. Black calf, 8365E...$690. The Classic Unlined Loafer …lightweight comfort, in a range of leathers

8 | Welted White Bucks …casual elegance 8747: Onslow Opposite page: The welted blucher seam and the refined shape make this dress white nubuck shoe appropriate for the finest summer clothing. From Crockett & Jones of England, it includes a full sock lining with interior hand marking, and Goodyear welted rubber soles. Sizes 8.5–12. The Onslow Welted Blucher in white, 8747…$695. Above: Our Sea Island cotton blend socks have a classic small check pattern and are available in five vibrant seasonal colors. Shown from left to right: A-blue; B-pink; C-turquoise; D-yellow; E-orange. Over the calf, one size fits most. One pair small check socks, SCCS…$38. THE ONSLOW BLUCHER COTTON SMALL CHECK SOCKS SCCS The blucher is actually an older style of shoe than the oxford. And, like many an item in the gentleman’s wardrobe, it comes from warfare. Field Marshall Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher, to give him his full name and title, was the Prussian general who came to the aid of Wellington at Waterloo and greatly helped in the defeat of Napoleon there in 1815. How big a part the shoes he designed for his troops played in the victory isn’t under- stood, but they certainly didn’t hinder his progress. Soldiers were wearing a rather cumbersome gaiters-styled affair before Blucher came along. Battles occasionally turn on such things. The real difference between a blucher (also called a derby) and an oxford is that the blucher’s vamp and tongue are a single piece of leather, which makes for a very comfortable shoe. For this reason it’s the favored model for more active country-styled shoes and town shoes where comfort is clearly wedded to style. The number of lace eyelets can vary, but town shoes more usually take fewer than their country cousins, which makes for trimmer, neater styling. —G. Bruce Boyer noted fashion writer and editor The Blucher

1-800-221-4671 | 11 8606: White 8606T: Tan 8606N: Navy Nubuck Leather Bluchers …in your choice of color CAG THE BERMUDA BUCKS Opposite page: These blucher style bucks are made exclusively for us by Crockett & Jones. Quality English craftsmanship is met with the styling and comfort of an American classic. The handsome red rubber soles are Goodyear welted, and the leather is nubuck. Available in three colors, tan, white, and navy. Sizes 8.5–12. The Bermuda Buck in white, 8606…$650. The Bermuda Buck in tan, 8606T…$650. The Bermuda Buck in navy, 8606N…$650. FOLDOVER HAVANA BELT Top: Our soft and extremely pliable 13⁄ 8" wide belt, in a mottled Havana cigar color leather and edge stitched for casual wear. Available in sizes 32-44. Foldover Havana Belt, S1144-E…$145. SEA ISLAND COTTON ARGYLE SOCKS Bottom: Our argyle socks are made from 90% Sea Island Cotton and 10% elastan. One size fits all. Shown from left to right: 45-white, yellow, navy; 44-sky, yellow, coral; 43-tan, lime, orange; 37-olive, yellow, coral; 31-navy, sky, tan; 29-yellow, white, royal; 28-blue, yellow, white; 27-royal, yellow, blue; 26-red, white, navy. One pair above the calf argyle socks, CAG…$40. One pair calf length argyle socks, CAGS…$40. 10 | S1144

Perforated Saddle …in classic navy on white 5298: Princeton CCSX THE PRINCETON SADDLE SHOE Opposite page: Inspired by the American Ivy League, a classically made English saddle shoe from Crockett & Jones— traditional navy and white oxfords with handsome red rubber Goodyear welted soles. Sizes 8.5–12. The Princeton, 5298…$675. FEATHERED EDGE BELTS Top: Our feathered edge leather belts are made in Italy from the finest vegetable tanned leathers. Each belt features a plump glove leather lining and solid brass buckle. Width is 1¼". Shown from top to bottom: A-black; B-brown; C-tan. Available in even sizes 32–44, and odd sizes 33–39. Each feathered edge belt, S9057…$145. SEA ISLAND COTTON CABLE SOCKS Bottom: Our soft and luxurious Sea Island Cotton cable socks, with a contrasting toe and heel. The exceptional Sea Island Cotton fiber results in rich color as well as softness and durability. Above the calf length, in sizes M and L. Shown from left to right: 18-coral, cream; 15-lime, dark pink; 23-white, yellow; 21-pink, white; 22-light blue, white; 16-yellow, lime; 11-blue, yellow; 19-red, blue; 4-navy, red. One pair Sea Island Cotton cable socks, CCSX…$38. S9057 1-800-221-4671 | 13

14 | Classic Saddle Shoe …white leather with a tan saddle 1-800-221-4671 | 15 9604: Cannock THE CANNOCK SADDLE SHOE Opposite page: Saddle shoes, the real McCoy, from England’s Crockett & Jones, made exclusively for us in tan and white leather, with a classic rubber sole. Sizes 8.5–12. The Cannock, 9604…$675. BRAIDED COTTON BELTS Top: Braided cotton stretch belts with leather tabs and nickel plated brass buckles. Shown from left to right: A-green; B-camel; G-bone; F-royal; C-orange; D-navy; E-custard. Available in sizes 32–46. Braided Cotton Belts, S695…$125. COTTON RIBBED SOCKS Bottom: Our cotton ribbed socks have a touch of lycra for easy fit and added resilience, and come in a convenient one-size-fitsall; the perfect sock with jeans and under boots. From top to bottom: 847-grey; 832-denim; 811-sky; 717-khaki; 480-yellow. One pair casual cotton ribbed socks, CJS…$38. CJS S695

5183: Bosham A Summer Wardrobe Asset …canvas and leather saddle shoes 16 | THE BOSHAM SADDLE SHOE Opposite page: A summer favorite, our Crockett & Jones handsome canvas and burnished calf Derby style saddle shoes are lightweight and sturdy, with a comfortable last. Sizes 8.5–12. The Bosham, 5183…$625. ENGLISH BRIDLE LEATHER BELTS Top: Genuine English bridle leather belts, 1³⁄8" wide, detailed with a double fine shoe stitched billet. Lined with natural glove leather and fitted with a hand polished, sand cast, natural brass buckle. Sizes 32–44, in A-black or C-tan. Each bridle leather belt, S9678…$155. BRIGHT COTTON SOCKS Bottom: Our 100% cotton to the calf socks, with contrasting color at toe and heel, are a colorful choice for weekends when a short bright sock adds zest to your wardrobe. Sock sizes 11–13. From left to right: 19-navy, red; 20-yellow, royal; 21-melon, grey; 22-orange, cream; 23-violet, lavender. For the sock sizing chart see page 26. One pair bright cotton socks, CTSX…$38. CTSX 1-800-221-4671 | 17 S9678

It’s thought that Irish farmers in the 19th century, working in the bogs, first came up with the idea of punching holes in their shoes so they wouldn’t become waterlogged and would dry better. This tradition eventually led to decoration, the ornamented shoe was born, and the original purpose for the punched holes is now forgotten. The classic lace-up wingtip is known by shoemakers as fullbrogued (brogue is the Gaelic word for shoe), as opposed to a plain shoe or a semi-brogue in which only the toe is decorated. The full-brogue is called a wingtip because the additional leather toe cap is designed like the shape of a winged bird. The perforations are done in a variety of fanciful patterns called medallions, and each maker has his own designs. In the 20th century, brogues began to be worn in England in country house settings with tweed suits. In the 1920s and 1930s the then popular Prince of Wales set a fashion for wearing full-brogued golf shoes in a variety of leathers. Today the smooth calf version is considered a slightly more individualistic alternative to the plain oxford for business dress. —G. Bruce Boyer noted fashion writer and editor Brogues TCBF Opposite page (bottom left): Crockett & Jones wingtip oxford in stone canvas and dark tan calf. In sizes 8.5–12. The Gerrard Spectator, 5608…$665. Opposite page (top): Our antique tan and white leather spectator oxfords are classic English broughams or wingtips, in the American parlance. Made exclusively for us by Crockett & Jones of England in the handgrade last and Goodyear welt, from the finest calfskin for glove-like comfort. Sizes 8.5–12. The Hampton Spectator, 9792…$865. Opposite page (right): The benchmade brogue oxford or “wingtip” from England’s Crockett & Jones is available in a classic antique tan calf with an oak bark sole. Like all Crockett & Jones shoes in our catalog, it is made with the finest tanned hides in an authentic Goodyear last, and available in sizes 8.5–12. The Clifford Wingtip, 9503…$875. Above: Our unique dark tan leather belt, with traditional brogue pattern, is an excellent complement to all brogued shoes! Nickel buckle. 1¼" wide. Sizes 32–44. Dark tan brogued leather belt, TCBF…$185. THE GERRARD SPECTATOR DARK TAN BROGUED LEATHER BELT THE HAMPTON SPECTATOR THE CLIFFORD WINGTIP 1-800-221-4671 | 19 5608: Gerrard Spectator 9792: Hampton Spectator 9503: Clifford Brogue Spectators …benchmade in England

6240: Lichield THE LICHFIELD TASSEL LOAFERS Opposite page: Our wing-tip brogue tassel loafers from Crockett & Jones are a unique addition to our collection. Cut from the finest burnished chestnut calfskin and finished with leather soles. Available in sizes 8.5–12. The Lichfield Tassel Loafer, 6240…$710. BRIDLE LEATHER BELTS Top: Handsome edge stitched English bridle leather belts in A-black, B-Havana tan with solid nickel buckles. Available in even sizes 32–44, and odd sizes 33–39. Each edge stitched bridle leather belt, S8011…$155. COTTON GRID SOCKS Bottom: Our 100% cotton socks in a classic grid pattern in muted tones are ideal for dress shoes for the gentleman who wants to make a stylish statement but remains conservative about the color story. Over the calf and in sock sizes 11–13. Shown from left to right: 5-navy, blue; 7-olive, tan; 9-brown, tan; 2-grey, light grey; 1-black, grey. For the sock sizing chart see page 26. One pair cotton grid socks, GSX…$38. 1-800-221-4671 | 21 Wing-tip Brogue Tassel Loafer …in chestnut calfskin S8011 GSX

SBLS Unique “Kiltie” Penny Loafer …in fine calfskin THE KILTIE LOAFER Opposite page and top: Our unique and handsome “kiltie” or “shawl” penny loafer, with split toe, penny slot, single leather soles, made exclusively for us by Crockett & Jones of England. Shown at left in burnished tan and at right in burgundy. Each in sizes 8.5–12. Tan Kiltie Loafer, 6340T...$725. Burgundy Kiltie Loafer, 6340B…$725. BIO LUXURY SOCKS Bottom: We are excited to introduce our “Bio Luxury” socks. These wonderful socks are part of our Italian sock maker’s new Gold collection, made from the perfect blend of 50% organic cotton, 20% silk, and 30% cashmere, which gives these socks the finest hand of any that we have ever discovered. Available in sock sizes 11-13 (sock size chart on page 26). Shown from top to bottom: 3-light grey; 13-navy; 11-dusty blue; 10-light brown; 7-wine; 6-chocolate; 5-black; 4-dark grey. One pair Bio Luxury socks, SBLS…$46. 6340T: Tan 6340B: Burgundy 1-800-221-4671 | 23

8773B: Antique tan 8773: Tobacco suede Elegant Slip-On Loafers …graceful in either calf or suede THE ROSEBERY LOAFERS Opposite page: This graceful loafer is an elegant slip-on for work or weekend. Available in 8773-tobacco suede; or 8773B-antique tan. Sizes 8.5–12. The Rosebery Loafers…$850. SUEDE BELTS Top: Elegant suede belt in two shades, either B-tobacco or A-chocolate brown, each with a solid brass buckle, hand crafted in Italy. Available in sizes 32–44. 1¼" wide. Suede belts, 9942S…$175. SEA ISLAND COTTON SMALL CHECK SOCKS Bottom: Our Sea Island cotton blend socks have a classic small check pattern and are available in five seasonal colors. Shown from left to right: E-blue/navy; D-red/navy; C-navy/white; B-red/cream; A-green/white. Over the calf, one size fits most. One pair argyle socks, SCCS2...$38. SHOE TREES Below: Crockett & Jones of England shoe trees are available in whole sizes only, 7–13. Shoe trees, CJST…$120. SCCS2 9942S 1-800-221-4671 | 25

26 | Shoe Size Sock Size 7–8 11 or M 9 111⁄ 2 or M 10 12 or M 11 121⁄ 2 or L 12 13 or L Above: Our best 100% cotton ribbed above the calf dress socks from Italy, sock sizes 11–13. Also available in mid-calf length in four practical colors: black, navy, charcoal grey, or brown. One pair cotton socks, CSX…$38. One pair mid-calf length cotton socks, CSXS…$38 each. PURE COTTON RIBBED SOCKS 1-800-221-4671 | 27 119–red 048–peach 14–dusty blue 10–burgundy 601– dark orange 112–leaf green 20–black 122–olive 26–yellow 841– brown 606–bright blue 484–mint 817–lavender 4–charcoal grey 482– grass 214–tan 008–chocolate 047–orange 025–wine 602– aqua 5–light grey 113–tartan green 602–aqua 24–light blue 007–khaki 126–bright yellow 372–sage 709–royal blue 028–dark blue 710–seagreen 99–navy 481–pink 590–purple 491–sand 603–turquoise mid-calf colors: 20–black 99–navy 841–brown 4–charcoal grey Pure Cotton Ribbed Socks …above the calf length

The classic monk strap shoe has something of the Art Deco style of the 1930s about it (although its traditions go into the much older Scottish folk dress worn with a kilt), in its pared down purity of line, cleanness of design, and its restraint accented by an unadorned side buckle. This is of course all in keeping with the spareness of the sandals worn by monks on which this shoe was modeled. Today, aficionados aren’t limited to the plain model; split-toed and brogued models are available for a more broth-of-the-heather approach found in the original Scottish versions. Interestingly and inexplicably, the monk strap is perhaps the most versatile of shoes. Its complete unfussiness makes it completely adaptable for dress or casual wear, done in classic black box calf, shell cordovan, pebble grained leather, or suede. And, oddly enough, the monk strap was the most sought after shoe with World War II American airmen in their off-duty dress. —G. Bruce Boyer noted fashion writer and editor The Monk Strap 1-800-221-4671 | 29 9290: Lawrence Opposite page: The monk strap shoe, with its buckle, earns its sobriquet from the buckle on a monk's sandals. Extraordinary monk shoe with split toe seams and aprons stitched entirely by hand! All monk shoes on this and the following pages are available in sizes 8.5–12. The Lawrence Monk, 9290…$995. Above: An example of our finest Italian knit socks in pure cotton, in a birdseye pattern, and in colors well suited to the season, shown from left to right: 274-royal; 281-periwinkle; 279-khaki; 275-coral; 280-sage; 283-sky; 284-pink; 282-purple. Above the calf, in sock sizes 11–13. For the sock sizing chart see page 26. One pair cotton birdseye socks, CBS…$38. THE LAWRENCE MONK 28 | Extraordinary Monk Shoe …with handsewn split seams & aprons COTTON BIRDSEYE SOCKS CBS

30 | Versatile Monk Straps …make a statement of refinement 1-800-221-4671 | 31 Above, from left to right: Cap toe double monk in antique chestnut. The Repton Double Monk, 9599...$895. Brogue front wingtip monk in burnished tan. The Chalfont Monk, 8622…$710. Handgrade monk in antique dark brown. The Savile Monk, 9472…$895. Handgrade wingtip monk in antique chestnut. The Chadwick Monk, 5101…$910. Split toe double monk in antique chestnut. The Arlington Double Monk, 8670…$710. THE VERSATILE MONK STRAP

1-800-221-4671 | 33 9376: Tan calfskin The English Tassel Moccasins …in burnished calf or rare cordovan CAVENDISH MOCCASINS Opposite page: Crockett & Jones burgundy shell cordovan tassel moccasin with single leather soles. Because shell cordovan has become exceedingly rare, anticipate possible delays in production when supplies are limited. In sizes 8.5–12. The Cavendish Moccasin in burgundy cordovan, 9376C...$975. Top: Crockett & Jones tan burnished calf tassel moccasin. Made from the finest calf leather and single leather soles. In sizes 8.5–12. The Cavendish Moccasin in burnished tan calfskin, 9376...$690. FIL D'ÉCOSSE RIBBED DRESS SOCKS Bottom: Over the calf luxurious fil d’écosse ribbed dress socks with contrast tipping at toe and heel. One size fits most. From left to right: 36-grey with red tipping; 32-dark grey with claret tipping; 41-navy with red tipping; 44-tan with blue tipping; 37-black with grey tipping; 42-claret with blue tipping. Made from a blend of 90% cotton, 8% nylon, 2% elastan. One pair ribbed dress socks, CTPS...$40. 9376C: Burgundy cordovan CTPS Genuine shell cordovan is rare… Most leathers come from cows, but cordovan comes from horses (which are not raised for this purpose). The shell, and let me put this as delicately as possible, is the subcutaneous layer that covers the equine posterior. Each horse provides two shells, which is just enough for a pair of shoes. A single shell never is long enough to form a seamless belt, so genuine shell cordovan belts are always pieced. The most nonporous leather known, shell cordovan is distinguished by its lustrous waxy finish, superior durability, and suppleness that readily conforms to the shape of the wearer’s foot. —G. Bruce Boyer noted fashion writer and editor

9427: Antique Chestnut 9427C: Whiskey Cordovan 99–navy 119–wine 20–black 231–blue 41–dark tan 4–charcoal 113–tartan green 88–brown 236–red 709–royal blue 001–dark charcoal 110–burgundy 005–grey 051–rust 343–green heather WSX Opposite page: Our semi-brogue cap toe oxfords are elegant additions to a year round wardrobe. Shown front to back in either an antique chestnut or a rare pale whiskey cordovan. Sizes 8.5–12. The Belgrave in antique chestnut, 9427…$840. The Belgrave in whiskey cordovan, 9427C…$995. Above: Our over the calf wool solid color ribbed dress socks are available in a very wide range of colors, as noted in the photo. Navy, black, charcoal and brown are also available in a mid-calf length. Sock sizes 11–13. For the sock sizing chart see page 26. One pair over the calf wool socks, WSX…$38. One pair mid-calf wool socks, WSXS…$38. THE BELGRAVE OXFORDS WOOL SOLID COLOR RIBBED SOCKS 358–gold 1-800-221-4671 | 35 Semi-Brogue Cap Toe Oxfords …in calf or rare cordovan

1-800-221-4671 | 37 Opposite page: This elongated handgrade oxford with a ram’s horn medallion in antique tan is one of our most elegant shoes. Made exclusively for us in a tanned leather which will enhance with age if regularly polished and cared for. In sizes 8.5–12. The Weymouth Oxford, 9411…$895. Above: Over the calf, 100% cotton dress socks in a neat pattern. In sizes 11–13. Shown from left to right: 15-brown, pink; 3-navy, blue; 12-burgundy, blue; 4-charcoal, grey; 11-navy, red; 1-black, grey. For the sock sizing chart see page 26. One pair cotton “neat” dress socks, NSX…$38. NSX The Handcrafted Oxford …in antique tan calfskin 9411: Weymouth The style of shoe known as the oxford may have indeed first been popularized by Oxford undergrads in the last quarter of the 19th century. It marked a more elegant approach to the look of the shoe; because of its “closed” lacing construction, only the top edge of the tongue is visible. Today most laced shoes are either oxfords or derbies. With the derby, also called Bluchers, the front of the shoe (the vamp) and the tongue are cut from a single piece of leather, while the tongue and vamp of the oxford are stitched together. The single-piece construction produces a more uniform-looking front. The plain cap toe oxford has always been the first choice for elegant dress. Its simplicity and ability to make the foot appear slightly narrower, the subtle detailing of a close-set row of double-stitches at the back end of the cap, and its perfect adaptability to a variety of fine leathers make it the ideal town shoe. —G. Bruce Boyer noted fashion writer and editor The Oxford THE WEYMOUTH OXFORD COTTON NEAT DRESS SOCKS 36 |

HGS THE CANTERBURY OXFORD Opposite page: Our tasteful oxford features an imitation u-throat and wing cap and is cut from the finest antique chestnut calfskin. This style is part of Crockett & Jones top-of-the-line Handgrade Collection, which represents the art of shoe making at its highest level. Each pair is burnished by skilled craftsmen and features hand-stained, bark tanned single leather soles with channelled stitching. Available in sizes 8.5–12. The Canterbury Oxford, 6319…$895. CALFSKIN BELTS Top: Our Italian crafted calfskin belts are the perfect complement to your shoes: you will find nearly a perfect match for every shade we offer. The buckle is brass on the chestnut and tan belts; nickel on the dark brown and black belts. Sizes 32–44, 1¼" wide. Shown from top to bottom: E-dark brown; D-tan; A-chestnut; B-black. Each calfskin belt, 9942…$175. WOOL & COTTON GRID SOCKS Bottom: Our sophisticated two-tone pattern grid above the calf dress socks, with heel and toe in solid color, in 50% wool and 50% cotton. Available in sock sizes 11–13 (sock size chart on page 26). Shown from left to right: 9-navy, blue; 6-grey, light grey; 1-black, black; 12-blue, light blue; 21-tan, light tan. One pair wool and cotton grid socks, HGS…$40. 38 | 6319: Canterbury 9942 The Handcrafted Oxford …in antique chestnut calfskin

S011: Strap 790A: Sterling buckle 790B: Etched sterling buckle 790D: Vermeil buckle 790C: Etched vermeil buckle 8739: Antique tan 8739B: Black 8739A: Antique brown 40 | Classic Cap Toe Shoes …in three handsome colors THE WHITEHALL CAP TOE OXFORDS Opposite page: Our benchmade classic cap toe oxford with oak bark soles, from Crockett & Jones of England, is available in three colors, shown clockwise from top: 8739-antique tan; 8739B-black; and 8739A-antique brown. In sizes 8.5–12. The Whitehall Oxfords…$840. CALFSKIN STRAPS WITH REMOVABLE & ENGRAVABLE BELT BUCKLES Top: A choice of 1¼" wide calfskin straps to fit our removable and engravable belt buckles in Sterling silver, either plain or etched. Each buckle is also available in vermeil, 18kt gold plate over Sterling silver. Straps from left to right: D-tan; A-chestnut; C-burgundy; E-dark brown; B-black. In sizes 32–44. Strap, S011…$145. Sterling buckle, 790A…$275. Etched Sterling buckle, 790B…$275. Vermeil buckle, 790D…$345. Etched vermeil buckle, 790C…$345. COTTON HOUNDSTOOTH SOCKS Bottom: Our finest 100% cotton Italian knitted houndstooth design dress socks in a wide array of colors, each appropriate for dress wear or sophisticated casual wear. In seven two-tone variations, with complementary heel and toe. Above the calf length, in sock sizes 11–13. (See page 26 for sock size chart.) From left to right: 14-brown, tan; 3-grey, light grey; 9-blue, grey; 15-cream, tan; 12-green, tan; 6-navy, red; 7-navy, blue. Cotton houndstooth socks, CTHS...$38. 1-800-221-4671 | 41 CTHS

SDX2: Navy SDX1: Red SDX: Black ATSB THE BLACK PATENT PUMP Opposite page: This black patent pump is from Crockett & Jones of England, and is available in sizes 8.5–12. The Pump in black patent, 9217…$545. SOLID COLOR MOIRÉ BRACES Top left: Solid color moiré braces, with leather tabs, are available in five colors: A-black; B-red; C-white; D-navy; E-Victoria. ATDB-Woven white spots on black braces with leather tabs. Each pair of solid braces, ATSB…$125. Each pair of white spots on black braces, ATDB…$125. SILK DRESS SOCKS Bottom left: Our silk dress socks, made in Italy, are available in navy, red, and black. Available in sock sizes 11–13. Shown from left to right: SDX2-navy; SDX1-red; SDX-black. For the sock sizing chart see page 26. Each pair silk socks…$42. DRESS SOCKS WITH ARROW MOTIF Below: The slim arrow on these fil d’écosse pure cotton formal socks is a classic gentleman’s dress motif, as elegant with a suit as with a tuxedo. Available in three colors, shown from top to bottom: 12-navy with red arrow; 11-red with light grey; 1-black with charcoal. Fil d’écosse socks with arrow motif, CDX...$42. CDX-12: Navy CDX-11: Red CDX-1: Black 42 | 1-800-221-4671 | 43 9217: Patent Pump Elegant Evening Shoes …in patent leather

44 | CROCODILE LOAFERS Opposite page: These crocodile penny loafers are handcrafted in Tuscany. Refined, yet sporting, with a comfortable short vamp and a superflex sole, in three exotics, shown front to back: A-cognac; B-dark brown; and C-black. Available in sizes 8.5–12 and 13, medium width. Crocodile penny loafers, CZS…$1,050. LIZARD PENNY LOAFERS Top: Our genuine Teju lizard full strap penny loafers from Tuscany. Comfortable and durable supple lizard in A-cognac or B-black. Available in sizes 8.5–12 and 13, medium width. Lizard penny loafers, LZS…$795. JAVA LIZARD BELTS Below: Java lizard belts with interchangeable buckles, one brass and one nickel plated brass, in a dressy 11⁄ 8" width. Top to bottom: B-brown; C-cognac; A-black. Sizes 32–44. Each Java lizard belt, S401…$315. RIBBED DRESS SOCKS Below: Navy or black? Our ribbed over the calf socks, with contrasting toe and top, take the guesswork out of deciphering between the two colors. Available in sock sizes 11–13 (sock size chart page 26). In two colors: black with burgundy toe (CSK-1) and navy with blue toe (CSK-9). One pair navy or black cotton dress socks, CSK…$38. S401 Exotic Leather Loafers …in Caiman crocodile CZS-A: Cognac CZS-C: Black CZS-B: Dark Brown CSK LZS-A: Cognac LZS-B: Black

BASKETWEAVE LOAFERS Opposite page: Our classic slip-on penny loafers are made from handwoven Italian calfskins in a woven basketweave leather, with full cushion Poron insoles and twotone leather outsoles. Handmade in Italy by Zelli. Shown from left to right: A-cognac; C-black; B-brown. Available in whole and half sizes 8–12, as well as 13, medium width. Woven loafers, ZWL…$495. COTTON SQUARE NEAT MOTIF DRESS SOCKS Top: Our square “neat” motif pure cotton dress socks are over the calf, in sock sizes 11–13. Shown from left to right: 12-burgundy, blue; 11-blue, sky; 21-cream, blue; 8-navy, blue; 7-grey, light grey. For the sock sizing chart see page 26. One pair square motif cotton socks, NSSK…$38. BASKETWEAVE LEATHER BELTS Bottom: A traditional basketweave leather belt, 13⁄ 8" wide. Available in A-brown with brass buckle or B-black with nickel buckle. Sizes 32–44. Each basketweave leather belt, 9944…$225. 9944 46 | 1-800-221-4671 | 47 Woven Leather Loafers …made in Italy ZWL-A: Cognac ZWL-C: Black ZWL-B: Brown NSSK

LRS2-C: Brown LRS2-A: Tan LRS2-B: Black LRNS Weekend Comfort …leather sneakers and twill belts 48 | LEATHER SNEAKERS Opposite page, top: Introducing the new bison leather sneaker made for us by Ludwig Reiter, a highly regarded European name in fine shoes. They have a full leather lining, reinforced toecap, and gum soles. Made in Austria. Available in European sizes 41–47 (US sizes 8–13). Shown from front to back: C-Brown; A-Chestunt; B-Black. Leather sneakers, LRS2…$459. SURCINGLE TWILL BELTS At left, top: Traditional surcingle twill belts, 13⁄ 8" wide, with leather ends and solid brass buckles, trace their history to the heavy wool straps used for training horses, and the old French words “sur cengle” meaning “over the girdle” of the horse. They are a handsome weekend addition to your wardrobe. Size 32–46. Available in eight solid colors: A-black; B-camel; C-olive; D-red; E-yellow; F-denim; I-navy. Also available with a center stripe: J-navy with camel stripe; K-camel with navy stripe; L-navy with red stripe. Each surcingle twill belt, S683...$85. THE NAVY PEBBLE GRAIN SNEAKER Opposite page, bottom: Ludwig Reiter of Austria has made these navy blue pebble grain leather sneakers, or “trainers” for us. They have a full leather lining, reinforced toecap, and gum soles. Available in European sizes 41–47 (US sizes 8–13). Navy pebble grain sneaker, LRNS…$397. THE SUEDE SNEAKER IN HONEY At left, bottom: Introducing our new classic leather sneaker (or “trainer”) in honey color suede, a bright hue that will add a lift to your feet. They have a full leather lining, non-slip white rubber soles and a rounded toe. Made for us by Ludwig Reiter of Austria. Available in European sizes 41–47 (US sizes 8–13). Sneaker in honey, LRSS…$359. 1-800-221-4671 | 49 S683 LRSS

50 | Slip into Classic Style …comfort for home or travel DSLP: Charles DSED: Edward DSOH: Henry in black DSOI: Henry in wine DTST:Travel Slipper STS:Travel socks 1-800-221-4671 | 51 THE CHARLES CALFSKIN SLIPPER Opposite page, bottom left: Classic calfskin slippers with suede lining and soles. Sizes 7–12 with half sizes, as well as 13 and 14, in A-black or B-wine. The Charles calfskin slippers, DSLP…$160. THE EDWARD NON-SLIP SLIPPER Opposite page, top: Our backless non-slip slipper is available in A-wine, and B-black. Sizes 7–13, whole sizes only. The Edward non-slip slippers, DSED…$165. THE HENRY SLIPPER Opposite page, middle right: This slipper can withstand the outdoors. When you let the dog out or pick up the paper, its non-slip bottom will hold up against inclement weather. In black, DSOH, or wine, DSOI. Sizes 7–12 in whole and half sizes, as well as sizes 13 and 14. The Henry slippers…$170. THE TROY TRAVEL SLIPPER Top: Enjoy these black suede bottom leather travel slippers wherever you go; each pair is zipped within its own leather case. Sizes 7–12, whole sizes only. The Troy travel slippers, DTST…$165. TRAVEL SOCKS Bottom: These above the calf compression socks cut the risk of deep vein thrombosis, and significantly reduce ankle and leg swelling in air travel. The cotton socks are comfortable and cozy, and as easily worn by women as men. Sold as two pairs— one or going and one for the return flight! Shown in 99-navy blue; also available in 20-black and 001-grey. Sizes S, M, L. Travel socks set of two pairs, in one color, STS…$65.

Scan to Shop our full collection The Ben Silver Corporation 149 King Street Charleston, SC 29401 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID BEN SILVER CORPORATION CALL: 1-800-221-4671 CLICK: WWW.BENSILVER.COM Exclusively Ours …by Crockett & Jones These blucher style bucks are made exclusively for us by Crockett & Jones. Quality English craftsmanship is met with the styling and comfort of an American classic. Shown here in tan and white. Also available in navy. See page 11 for details. The Bermuda Buck in white, 8606…$650. The Bermuda Buck in tan, 8606T…$650. Stay connected with us @bensilvercollection