Late June 2022

54 | We are again delighted to offer our own exceptional linen shirts for the warmer weather. Generations past, Charlestonians wore linen to withstand the brutally hot days of summer, and in tribute to that history we have created a linen shirt of the highest quality, in eight wonderfully vivid colors that any contemporary man would enjoy wearing. We have tailored this shirt with the same meticulous attention to detail as we do our dress shirts, from the finest Irish linen available. Nevertheless, it is styled for greater versatility than a dress shirt because the open collar is soft and easy fitting (much like a button down shirt without the buttons), and the French front has no placket, to assure complete simplicity in styling. The button cuff and all of the front buttons are a beautiful horn style for an extra touch of elegance, and the shirt bottom is squared with split side seams so that it can also be worn out very casually. Can be machine washed in cold water. Sizes M–XXL. Shown left to right, top row: F-pink; H-white; D-orange; G-green; second row: C-blue; E-purple; B-yellow; A-red. Each Charleston linen shirt, 562…$215. 1-800-221-4671 | 55 Summer’s Favorite in Eight Colors …The Charleston Linen Shirt