Eyewear Classics 2023

Eyewear Classics …tasteful & refined eyewear for men & women Autumn 2023

Welcome to the world of Ben Silver, where we are proud to say that “classic style has always been our business!” Our collection of eyewear is in keeping with that tradition. More than a mere utilitarian item, eyewear frames, as with everything we wear, should convey a strong personal statement of distinctive style and discerning taste. For twenty five years, we have offered a unique collection of the very finest and most classic eyeglass frames, all equally refined, and handmade for us by the most renowned makers in the United States, France, Italy, Canada and Germany. These are timeless styles, meticulously crafted in the finest materials from our signature shape in demi-blond tortoise, to colorful acetate and gilted metal frames. Enjoy this extensive selection of classic eyewear, in this exclusively online catalog! Eyewear, like apparel, makes a statement of who you are… find your classic shape, stay with it, or find several shapes that flatter you equally, and enjoy them all! On the cover and at left: Exclusively made for us, classic small round frames, with a 40 mm lens and a 24 mm saddle bridge. In four special colors A-Paris tortoise; B-black with tortoise temples; C-honey with tortoise temples; D-red. Round Archival Frames, BSAF…$335. BSAF-A BSAF-B Above: We are able to produce clip-on sunglasses for almost any of the frames shown in this catalog. As an illustration, we show a companion clip-on to our exclusive Lafont demi-blond tortoise frames. Grey UV protected lenses, they are an easy solution to assure that a pair of sunglasses are always in your vehicle. The clip-ons shown here are available in all the sizes for which LFF is made. Each pair of Pantheon clip-ons, CLIP…$145. Each pair of special order clip-ons…$175. Copyright © 2023 The Ben Silver Corporation

4 | www.bensilver.com Opposite page and top: Our first eyewear collection— a page in our clothing and furnishings catalog— began years ago with Bob’s inability to purchase a replacement for his own signature shape, “demiblond” tortoise shell eyeglass frames. At the same time, customers frequently inquired whether the glasses Bob wore in photos in our “Ben Silver Collection” catalog were available through our company. Lafont of Paris had made Bob’s favorite frames, but had “retired” the shape and color. We asked Lafont to recreate the “Pantheon” shape and demi-blond faux tortoise color from their archives, and they agreed to do so for us exclusively. The demi-blond, faux tortoise shell, “Pantheon” shape frame from Lafont is available in five sizes: S-small, 46mm; I-intermediate, 48mm; M-medium, 50mm; ML-medium/large, 52mm; L-large, 54mm. Each Demi-blond Frame, LFF…$355. Bottom: Stocked as a sunglass with 100% UV protected lenses, in our 50mm size. Each other size frame can also be made-to-order with sunglass lenses. Sunglass in Demi-blond, LFS-F…$465. Our Signature Demi-Blond Tortoise Shell Pantheon Frame …with keyhole bridge 17mm 46mm 48mm 50mm 52mm 54mm S - I - M - ML - L - 1-800-221-4671 | 5 Pantheon Frame in Demi-Blond

6 | www.bensilver.com 1-800-221-4671 | 7 The very same Pantheon shape shown in demi-blond tortoise, on page 4, is also available in a classic Oxford tortoise shell. In collaboration with Lafont of Paris, we have made this color available exclusively from us in any of five sizes: S-small, 46mm; I-intermediate, 48mm; M-medium, 50mm; ML-medium/large, 52mm; L-large, 54mm. Also available as a 100% UV protected sunglass. Each Oxford Tortoise Frame, LFE…$355. Sunglass in Oxford Tortoise, LFS-E...$465. “Real tortoise shell has long since departed, and with good reason as you know. But the mock version and dark solid colors, faded ivory, and clear pink tones are eminently suitable.” -G. Bruce Boyer, noted fashion editor and author Classic Style In Oxford Tortoise …our Pantheon shape in five frame sizes 46mm 48mm 50mm 52mm 54mm S - I - M - ML - L - 17mm

Pantheon Shape Frame …in five additional colors LFP-A LFP-A LFP-B LFP-C LFP-D The classic Pantheon shape from Lafont of Paris is available in the five traditional colors shown here, as well as our exclusive demi-blond tortoise, shown on page 4, and Oxford tortoise colors shown on page 6. Choose from A-black; B-crystal; C-dark tortoise; D-amber; or I-pinkie (featured opposite page). These frames are available in a 50mm lens size only. Colored Pantheon frames, LFP…$355. LFP-A LFP-C 1-800-221-4671 | 9 LFP-I: Pinkie 17mm 50mm 8 | www.bensilver.com Return with us to the ’50s with these crystal pink frames – a timeless and understated classic – the original “Pinkie” frame, in a 50 mm lens size.

1-800-221-4671 | 11 Pantheon Sunglasses …100% UV protected lenses Shown top to bottom: LFS-I Pinkie LFS-F: Demi-blond LFS-E: Oxford tortoise LFS-D: Amber LFS-C: Dark tortoise LFS-B: Crystal LFS-F LFS-C LFP-C 50mm 17mm We offer each of the Pantheon frames from Lafont of Paris with 100% UV protected lenses, in the traditional colors: A-black; B-crystal; C-dark tortoise; D-amber; E-Oxford tortoise; F-demi-blond; I-pinkie. Available in 50mm lens size. Pantheon Sunglasses, LFS…$465. 10 | www.bensilver.com

Shown top to bottom: EPSC-D: Honey tortoise EPSC-A: Amber EPSC-B: Dark tortoise EPSC-C: Yellow Bold but Classic …stylish sun protection from Italy Handsome vintage frames from the Italian craftsmen at EPOS, where the timeless style is inspired by generations of Italian elegance and artistry. Bold round 45mm UV protected sunglasses from Italy are clearly unisex in appeal. Available in A-amber; B-dark tortoise; C-translucent yellow; D-honey tortoise. With a 26mm saddle bridge adding to the width, these glasses will offer excellent sun protection. Bold Round Sunglasses, EPSC…$265. 12 | www.bensilver.com EPSC-C EPSC-A 45mm 26mm EPSC-A 1-800-221-4671 | 13

These iconic frames have been connected intimately with American history since the company’s founding. By WWI, American Optical created goggles for American pilots, and by WWII, the company produced all eyewear for the military. In a century long timeline, the company produced eyewear for pilots, Presidents and NASA space crews. We offer the original Pilot, worn by Apollo 11 crew on the mission to the moon. We also offer the lightweight Saratoga, always the choice of JFK, with its sturdy sevenbarrel hinges, and AOlite non-polarized Calobar green lenses for long-wearing comfort. Shown opposite: the original Pilot sunglass in A-gold; B-silver. Each has a 55mm lens and a 20mm bridge. Original Pilot, SAF3…$195. Shown on the President, and below: the Saratoga in A-tortoise; and B-black. Size 54mm lens with 19mm bridge. Saratoga, SSF2…$205. 14 | www.bensilver.com 1-800-221-4671 | 15 Shown top to bottom: SAF3-A: Gold SAF3-B: Silver Shown top to bottom: SSF2-B: Black SSF2-A: Totoise SSF2-A: Totoise To Capture a Moment …in American History SAF3-A SSF2-A 20mm 19mm 55mm 54mm

Opposite page: We are delighted to offer a selection of unique eyewear from Wissing & Co. of Germany. For more than 70 years the company has been renowned for handmade frames that are expressions of artistic craftsmanship. The remarkable composite of color is achieved by combining fragments of cellulose acetate as a single block which is then cut into the handsome shape suited to those colors. The plethora of shapes include P3, oval, round, cat-eye, square and rectangular. Each frame shown opposite is exclusive to Ben Silver and is one of a kind – a single creation – and can be ordered by the number beside the frame. Once ordered, it will no longer be available. Wissing Frames…$355 Top: However, the handsome Wissing sunglasses, handcrafted with the same skill can be produced without limitation. Scan QR code at left to see the full assortment of Wissing sunglasses. Wissing Sunglasses…$375. Bottom: These exquisite chests are the perfect home for your eyewear. Each and every detail of this chest has been well thought out with the eyewear connoisseur in mind: the interior of each chest is a creamy leatherette that can easily be wiped down; the top window is shatterproof; custom hinges maintain clean lines and minimalist design; a velvet underside prevents scratches on the surface of furniture; and seven layers of lacquer are applied by hand to each chest for the perfect finish. Shown here in aqua, but also offered in mahogany, burl and orange, in two sizes each. The smaller 7" chest holds up to four pairs of frames. The larger 14" chest holds up to eight pairs. Large measures 14½" x 7½" x 3¼"; small measures 7¾" x 7½" x 3¼". Large Chest, OBOX1…$380. Small Chest, OBOX3…$190. Handcrafted Just For Us …Wissing Eyewear 13 9 10 8 7 2 15 14 11 12 3 1 4 5 6 16 | www.bensilver.com

We went to Germany to achieve perfection in technical specifications and quality for our own unique eyewear collection. These frames feature a delicate 19mm saddle bridge. Four classic shades of tortoise available in 47mm lenses: in F-mahogany; N-Paris tortoise; P-smoke tortoise; B-tortoise (shown below). Slender P3 Frames, BS187...$335. 18 | www.bensilver.com BS187-B 47mm The Ben Silver P3 Frame with Saddle Bridge …& delicate extended tips in 4 shades of tortoise Shown top to bottom: BS187-N: Paris tortoise BS187-P: Smoke tortoise BS187-F: Mahogany BS187-B BS187-F 19mm 1-800-221-4671 | 19 “…Eyeglass frames are, of course, utilitarian – they keep the lenses from falling on the floor. But, like everything we wear, there is a strong personal statement in the selection.” – G. Bruce Boyer

Opposite page and top: These semi-round 47mm UV protected sunglasses are a return to midcentury classics in contemporary colors. The combination of a 23mm keyhole bridge and larger lenses provide coverage against the sun; while the colors assure fun in the sun! Choose from either: A-yellow with blue lens; B-clear with blue lenses; C-honey tortoise with green lenses; D-champagne with green lenses; E-amber with green lenses. Semi-Round Sunglasses, EPSB…$265. Bottom: These exquisite chests are the perfect home for your eyewear. Each and every detail of this chest has been well thought out with the eyewear connoisseur in mind: the interior of each chest is a creamy leatherette that can easily be wiped down; the top window is shatterproof; custom hinges maintain clean lines and minimalist design; a velvet underside prevents scratches on the surface of furniture; and seven layers of lacquer are applied by hand to each chest for the perfect finish. We offer four finishes (mahogany, burl, orange, and aqua) in two sizes each. The smaller 7" chest holds up to four pairs of frames. The larger 14" chest holds up to eight pairs. Large measures 14½" x 7½" x 3¼"; small measures 7¾" x 7½" x 3¼". Large Chest, OBOX1…$380. Small Chest, OBOX3…$190. 23mm 47mm EPSB-C 1-800-221-4671 | 21 EPSB-E OBOX1 OBOX3 Shown top to bottom: EPSB-B: Clear EPSB-C: Honey Tortoise EPSB-E: Amber EPSB-A: Yellow EPSB-D: Champagne Roman Holiday …retro sunglasses in vibrant colors

Shown top to bottom: LFOM-C: Blue LFOM-B: Mahogany LFOM-A: Dark tortoise “…just a whiff of bookish charm is the touchstones of this classic eyewear that’s held its appeal.” -G. Bruce Boyer 1-800-221-4671 | 23 LFOM-B LFOM-A Once again, Lafont of Paris sets the scene for timeless elegance, in an updated round frame, with a keyhole bridge, with a 46mm lens and a 22mm bridge. The slightly bolder thickness of the frame sets it apart, yet the shape remains classic. In three colors, shown from bottom to top opposite, are A-dark tortoise; B-mahogany; C-crystal blue. Bold Round Frames, LFOM…$335. Sophisticated Classics …from Lafont 22 | www.bensilver.com LFOM-A 22mm 46mm

24 | www.bensilver.com Exclusively made for us in Germany for our own unique collection, these slender round frames, with extended temples and pointed tips, make an engaging statement. The delicate saddle bridge sits comfortably in a 45mm frame. We offer our own Ben Silver frame in a range of unique colors: A-matte mahogany; B-Paris tortoise; C-matte smoke; E-light tortoise; F-red; G-blue. Round Frames, BSRF…$335. BSRF-C BSRF-B Distinctive Round Frames …classic style in either tortoise shell or color BSRF-A 45mm 20mm Shown top to bottom: BSRF-E: Light tortoise BSRF-B: Paris tortoise BSRF-F: Red BSRF-G: Blue

Shown top to bottom: EPSA-B: Dark tortoise EPSA-C: Tortoise EPSA-B You’ll be taken for a Paul Newman look-alike in these arched keyhole bridge round sunglasses in B-dark tortoise and C-tortoise. Small and compact with a 44mm lens, they are a classic as well as a stylish alternative to larger sunglasses. Small Round Sunglasses, EPSA…$265. 22mm 44mm EPSA-B Vintage Classics …round, arched sunglasses EPSA-C 1-800-221-4671 | 27 26 | www.bensilver.com

Shown top to bottom: BSBF2-D: Honey BSBF2-C: Matte Stone BSBF2-B: Cream Tortoise BSBF2-A: Black Tortoise Opposite page and top: Our own P3 shape, with a keyhole bridge, is handmade exclusively for us in Germany. We offer this Ben Silver frame in a range of unique colors, all available with 47mm lenses: A-Paris tortoise; B-amber; C-matte mahogany; E-matte grey with tortoise temples. Classic P3 Frames, BSPF…$335. Bottom: Our four new colors in the same classic 47mm lenses: A-black with tortoise; B-cream with tortoise; C-stone; D-honey. Classic P3 Frames, BSPF2…$355. BSPF-A BSPF2-B 47mm Our Ben Silver P3 Shape with Keyhole Bridge …in traditional shades & 4 new colors 20mm “Tradition in taste is now in the public domain because the faster we thrust into the future, the greater the tendency to sentimentalize the past. And so the true classics will continue to hold an important place in our hearts.” -G. Bruce Boyer 1-800-221-4671 | 29 Shown top to bottom: BSPF-E: Matte grey with tortoise temples BSPF-C: Matte mahogany BSPF-B: Amber BSPF-A: Paris tortoise Shown top to bottom: BSPF2-D: Honey BSPF2-C: Stone BSPF2-B: Cream with tortoise BSPF2-A: Black with tortoise

SOWF-C Opposite page and top: The old world craftsmanship of these exceptional frames from STATE of Chicago, involve 75 steps and hundreds of hours for each style. This bold rectangular frame sports a straighter brow with a 19mm keyhole bridge and a 51mm lens. We offer it in four highly polished shades: A-Havana; B-khaki; C-chocolate; D-black. Wentworth Frame, SOWF…$395. Bottom: A selection of fine leather eyeglass cases sized generously to protect without bending, 6 ½" x 3 ½". Shown top to bottom: B-tan (with glasses); D-chocolate; C-black; A-cherry. Each Leather Case, MAGP…$145. SOWF-B 19mm 51mm Distinctive Craftsmanship …in the handmade American frame 30 | www.bensilver.com 1-800-221-4671 | 31 MAGP Shown top to bottom: SOWF-D: Black SOWF-C: Chocolate SOWF-B: Khaki SOWF-A: Havana

Our “Leading Man” Sunglasses …a shout out to North by Northwest BS354-D Evoke your inner “Roger Thornhill” and go incognito as Cary Grant did in our all-time favorite Hitchcock thriller. As all of our Ben Silver eyewear, handcrafted exclusively for us in Germany, from the finest Italian carved acetate. These sunglasses have a 47mm lens, with a 23mm keyhole bridge. Available in four stunning colors: A-amber; B-black; C-tortoise; D-Tokyo tortoise. Sunglasses, BS354…$335. 23mm 47mm BS354-C 1-800-221-4671 | 33 32 | www.bensilver.com BS354-A Shown top to bottom: BS354-D: Tokyo tortoise BS354-C: Tortoise BS354-B: Black BS354-A: Amber

Opposite page and top: This strong rectangular shape has a 50mm lens and a 19mm saddle bridge. The slightly squared tips provide an engaging masculine impression. We offer them in four shades: B-tortoise; C-Tokyo tortoise; D-cream tortoise; E-amber. Rectangular Frames, BS409…$335. Bottom: The perfect desk accessory, smithed by our own jeweler, for the man or woman in your life, or better yet, for yourself. It will stand out among the papers on your crowded desk. Sterling Spectacle Holder, PK-123…$795. 1-800-221-4671 | 35 BS409-C Shown top to bottom: BS409-D: Cream tortoise BS409-E: Amber BS409-C: Tokyo tortoise BS409-B: Tortoise Engaging Rectangular Frames …classic shades in a timeless shape 19mm 50mm BS409-D PK-123 34 | www.bensilver.com

Bolder frames, always in style, have become more appealing to both men and women. The depth of the frames, whether small or large, round or rectangular, adds dimension to the face. Here we feature stylish square frames in a 46mm lens. The overall width of the frame is wider than the lens size would imply, as the 24mm keyhole bridge adds width. Available in four colors: A-champagne; B-yellow; C-dark tortoise; D-mocha. Bold Semi-Square Frames, EPB…$225. 1-800-221-4671 | 37 Bold Square Frames …with depth and color EPB-D EPB-C EPB-D 36 | www.bensilver.com 24mm 46mm Shown top to bottom: EPB-B: Yellow EPB-C: Dark tortoise

These 50mm rectangular frames are slim and understated, serving well for a reader as well as a regular optical frame. We offer them in three colors: A-clear; B-mahogany; C-Paris tortoise. Slim Rectangular Frames, BSRH…$335. 1-800-221-4671 | 39 BSRH-B BSRH-C Slim Rectangular Frames …perfect for readers as well as optical lenses 50mm BSRH-C 17mm Shown top to bottom: BSRH-C: Paris tortoise BSRH-B: Mahogany BSRH-A: Clear 38 | www.bensilver.com

Opposite page and top: This bolder frame with a larger lens in a semi-square shape is a standout for both men and women. The 50mm lens and 20mm saddle bridge frame is available in three tortoise shades: C-honey tortoise; D-tortoise; E-Tokyo tortoise. Bold Semi-Square Frames, BSRJ…$335. Bottom: Soft pure silk eyeglass cases from our authentic regimental neckwear collection. Top to bottom: C17British Olympic; U96-Glasgow Athletic; O22-Old Finchley; O42-Old Yardley; R44-Fife and Forfar. Each Silk Eyeglass Case, ESC…$42. BSRJ-D 50mm 20mm Bold Elongated Square Frames …statement eyewear for men & women BSRJ-D Shown top to bottom: BSRJ-E: Tokyo tortoise BSRJ-D: Tortoise BSRJ-C: Honey tortoise “…there’s still a guiding light of heritage and subtle style: the tortoise-shelled, rounded, mild-mannered but intelligent references to the classic schoolboy frames of old.” -G. Bruce Boyer 1-800-221-4671 | 41 ESC

Shown top to bottom: LFAR-B:White gold LFAR-A: Gold 1-800-221-4671 | 43 LFAR-A LFAR4-A LFAR4-A Wire Frames from Lafont …in lightweight titanium Opposite page and top: The traditional rounded shape is the classic “Panto” with a 41mm lens, and a balanced 22mm saddle bridge. Struck in lightweight titanium, the frames are 24KT plated in either A-yellow gold; or B-white gold. Round Wire Frames, LFAR…$525. Below: These elegant, round titanium frames from Lafont of Paris combine the old world “Panto” shape with new world technology. The traditional rounded shape holds a 47mm lens, with a balanced 23mm saddle bridge. Shown here in tortoise. Also available: B-dark tortoise. Round Tortoise Wire Frames, LFAR4-A…$525. LFAR-B LFAR4-A 41mm 47mm 22mm 23mm 42 | www.bensilver.com

Opposite page and top: Our own half-moon readers, with a 22mm saddle bridge, made to our specifications in Germany for our exclusive eyewear collection. The perfect size and weight of a traditional fully rimmed 45mm half-glass, but in interesting color variations: A-tortoise; F-Paris tortoise; I-Tokyo tortoise; J-red; K-royal. Half-moon Readers, BS315…$335. Below: These elegant readers, designed by a Milanese architect, and handcrafted in Veneto, Italy, reflect the quality of materials and engineering that are prototypically Italian. Inspired by the iconic shape of the first eyeglasses, which originated in Northern Italy during the 13th century, they can be held in hand as a Venetian mask. This throwback to early fashion is eminently practical, as without side temples, the reader hangs ready for use as a decorative accessory, or sits handily in a pocket. Always at the ready, it is the ideal conveniently accessed magnifier, quickly found without a search for glasses. Handcrafted in Italy from the finest Mazzucchelli acetate, with 35mm lenses and a connecting bridge measuring 47mm at the top (widest) point. Each reader comes with a pack of three cords (in black, red, and tan) so that they may be worn around the neck and moved upward as needed. Available in burgundy, readily available with your choice of +2.00 or +3.00 corrective lenses. Fassamano Readers in Burgundy, FMOR-C…$245. BS315-I 45mm 22mm 44 | www.bensilver.com 1-800-221-4671 | 45 Shown top to bottom: BS315-J: Red BS315-K: Royal BS315-I:Tokyo tortoise BS315-F: Paris tortoise FMOR-C Half-Glass Readers …updated color in a traditional shape BS315-J

LFOY-A 46 | www.bensilver.com This timeless and graceful nearly oval frame, with a delicate saddle shaped bridge and pointed tips, is made exclusively for us in France. Its 43mm lens will flatter nearly every face. The elegant pointed tips add width to the frame, offering a suggestion of a larger frame without increasing the lens size. Available in three colors: A-dark tortoise; B-blue tortoise; D-black. Graceful Round Frames, LFOY…$355. LFOY-D LFOY-A 1-800-221-4671 | 47 Nearly Oval Frames …timeless & graceful Shown top to bottom: LFOY-D: Black LFOY-B: Blue tortoise LFOY-A: Dark tortoise 21mm 43mm

Opposite page and top: Lafont always offers stylish additions to its collection, and these slender P3 frames are consistent with Lafont’s history for artistry. Delicate frames with exceptional patterning, and the old world temple ends will flatter every female. These vintage frames feature riveted hinges, a 49mm lens and a 19mm keyhole bridge. Available in four colors: A-mahogany; B-blue tortoise; C-leopard; D-marble red and blue as shown opposite from bottom to top, along with our handsome ostrich eyeglass case (measures 6½" x 3½")– a wonderful way to protect these frames. Slender P3 Frames, LFP3…$335. Ostrich Eyeglass Case, MAGK…$225. Bottom: Our handsome exotic leather eyeglass cases are available in a beautifully tanned caramel crocodile, MAGE; a rich chocolate crocodile, MAGO; and a classic black crocodile, MAGB. Cut extra roomy to our exact specifications, it will comfortably hold all sizes and shapes of eyeglasses. Crocodile Eyeglass Cases…$325. Shown top to bottom: LFP3-D: Marble red and blue LFP3-C: Leopard LFP3-B: Blue tortoise LFP3-A: Mahogany 1-800-221-4671 | 49 48 | www.bensilver.com 49mm 19mm LFP3-A Once More …with feeling LFP3-C MAGO MAGE MAGB

These bold, yet elegant round 43mm frames with a comfortable saddle bridge, are made exclusively for us in Germany for our own unique collection. Beautifully engineered, light and comfortable to wear, it is no wonder they have been a favorite of more than one prominent artist and architect. Available in four extraordinary colors: A-Paris tortoise; B-light tortoise with blue temples; C-red; D-smoke tortoise. Stylish Bold Frames, BSRD…$335. BSRD-D 43mm BSRD-D 1-800-221-4671 | 51 Shown top to bottom: BSRD-A: Paris tortoise BSRD-C: Red BSRD-B: Light tortoise with blue temples Boldness & Color …send a confident statement 50 | www.bensilver.com 23mm

The Ben Silver Corporation 149 King Street Charleston, SC 29401 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID BEN SILVER CORPORATION STAY CONNECTED WITH US @BENSILVERCOLLECTION CALL: 1-800-221-4671 CLICK: WWW.BENSILVER.COM SCAN TO SHOP Bold round 45 mm UV protected sunglasses from Italy are clearly unisex in appeal. Shown below, from front to back, in A-amber and B-dark tortoise. Also available in C-translucent yellow and D-honey tortoise. See sizing and details on page 12. Bold Round Sunglasses, EPSC…$265. Bold but Classic …stylish sun protection from Italy