Winter 2023

a. Our richly hued tobacco color unlined capybara leather gloves. Cut and sewn in Italy. Available in sizes 8–10.5. Gloves, MU47…$285. b. Our nappa leather gloves are cinched at the wrist gloves, cashmere lined. Full size range for gloves. Made in Italy. Gloves, MU29…$165. c. We propose this Borsalino fur felt hat, with its 2.5" brim, high crown, and sueded leather ¾" band as a wonderful weekend look. In three readily compatible colors, A-camel; B-hunter; C-chocolate, and sized 7 1⁄8–7 7⁄8. Each hat, BAH…$395. Opposite page: Exceptionally soft and weathered to perfection, our traditional G-9 style leather jacket is made exclusively for us in America, to our demanding specifications, with a handsome collar and cuff, buttoned pockets, and our house tartan fine wool lining. Available in even sizes 38–48. Leather G-9 Jacket, GLJK…$1,395. 52 | a b c 1-800-221-4671 | 53 butter soft leather... in a classic zippered jacket