Winter 2023

...our mélange f lannels c b a 1-800-221-4671 | 33 practical & luxurious… fine cashmere polo sweaters Opposite page: Our cashmere polo style sweaters are knitted from the finest Scottish cashmere, in a plain weave with a set-in shoulder and turn back cuffs. They sit handsomely under a jacket for extra warmth when needed and look smart over a dress shirt. Sizes M–XXL. Our superior 200’s thread count blue and white small check shirt pairs handsomely. Sweaters shown from top to bottom: A-russet; B-coffee; C-sage; D-cornflower. Each sweater, HW102...$465. Shirt, 603...$245. a. Our blue and white small check shirts are cut from the finest 200s thread count 2-ply Italian cotton. Over the years, we have made this shirting available in three different collar options: 603-button down; 603S-spread; 603K-Kelly or modified spread. Each shirt…$245. b. Our Italian crafted calfskin belts are the perfect complement to your shoes: you will find nearly a perfect match for every shade we offer. The buckle is brass on the chestnut and tan belts; nickel on the dark brown and black belts. Sizes 32–44, 1¼" wide. Shown from top to bottom: E-dark brown; D-tan; A-chestnut; B-black. Each calfskin belt, 9942…$175. c. Mélange flannel trousers, in a remarkable and luxurious palette of colors, cut in our Italian workroom from 12 ounce 100% carded wool fabric from Italy. Lined to the knee. Available in either STFF-forward pleat or STFP-plain front. Sizes 32–44 even, and 33–39 odd. Shown front to back: B-medium brown; D-light grey; E-dark grey; F-charcoal grey; G-medium grey. We show our brown calf leather belt with brass buckle. Each pair of trousers...$345. Belt, 9942-C...$175.