Late June 2022

Classic Style for Women …sophisticated style a. As always, selection of sophisticated and elegant women’s wear and accessories for the season! Ladies’ linen shirt dress C-pink or D-lilac, among several solid linen colors available. Shown with round Mother-of-pearl necklace with sterling silver adjustable closure. Another elegant option is our yellowlip shell necklace, with sterling silver clasp. Each dress, LLD... $325. Yellowlip shell EBL…$305. b. Yellowlip shell necklace, composed of a delicately joined combination of white shell and pinctada maxima (a pearl oyster resin that produces South Sea Pearls), and fitted with a gold filled closure allowing for a maximum necklace length of 18.5", is made exclusively for us in America. Yellowlip shell necklace, EBL…$305. c. Summertime and the livin’ is easy in our flowing Irish linen dress with its simple collar and fold up short sleeves, and flattering bias cut, allowing it to flair beautifully for both comfort and grace. The flare dress is available in sizes XS–L and in six colors: A-white; B-blue; C-pink; D-lilac; E-yellow; F-navy. Each flare dress, LLD…$325. a b c 80 | 1-800-221-4671 | 81 d Below: We offer our unique Tuscan calfskin leather handbags in three handsome colors: A-red; B-chestnut; and C-royal blue. The exceptional shape mimics a seashell with interlaced segments opening elegantly in an accordion manner. Shoulder straps are adjustable. Interior is handsomely finished. Each handbag, BLSH…$625. e d. Our lightweight and airy linen scarf, printed in Italy, feature a whimsical “pop-art” floral print. Enjoy this eye-catching design with your spring and summer wardrobe, either wrapped as a shawl, or draped around the neck multiple times. Dimension 27.5" x 78.75". Scarf, ECS01-A…$165. e. Our beautiful Western inspired fine-braided raffia fedora in desert, has a wide brim, slightly pinched crown, and sateen elastic adjustable inner band, and is finished with a slim leather band. UPF+50 sun protection. A feminine alternative to a classic men’s fedora, you can wear the brim either full or up and enjoy the elegance of this style. We’ve paired it with our linen Matisse inspired abstract scarf in ivory for an understated seasonal look. Dimension 27.5" x 78.75". Raffia fedora, LHK32…$275. Linen abstract scarf in ivory, ECS03-B…$165.