Late June 2022

a. Our summer shorts will assure you comfort and durability in the months ahead. We have washed them for an even softer brushed cotton finish, and to assure that there will be no shrinkage when you wash them at home. Cut in the same old world workroom as our dress trousers, you will find the same quality throughout. We offer them in six colors this season, shown from top to bottom: B-brick; A-tan khaki; D-sunshine; E-light olive; C-cruise blue; F-golden khaki. Choose either HSCF-forward pleat; or HSCP-plain front, as shown opposite. Perfect with our braided cotton belts. Each pair of shorts...$165.Each braided cotton belt, S695...$125. b. Our button down oxford shirts are cut from 2-ply 100s thread count Italian woven cotton. This classic “oxford” is the standard bearer for all button down shirts in every gentleman’s shirt collection. Shown clockwise from top left: 110-white; 111-blue; 112-pink; 113-yellow. Each shirt…$205. c. Braided cotton stretch belts with leather tabs and brass buckles. Shown from left to right: A-green; B-camel; G-bone; F-royal; C-orange; D-navy; E-custard. Available in sizes 32–46. Each braided cotton belt, S695…$125. d. Three traditional check button down shirts, each with light blue as one of two colors, and the second color an appealing contrast: 6110-pink; 6111-mid-blue; 6113-yellow. Sized as dress shirts, as befits the fine Italian woven cotton. Each shirt…$225. b a c d a 1-800-221-4671 | 53 EasyWeekend Comfort …our washed cotton shorts & button down shirts