Late June 2022

a. Enjoy our sleeveless V-neck vests, in pure Pima cotton, the same wonderful plain weave of our long sleeve cotton sweaters. This especially soft and comfortable sweater will be ideal for days on the links, or weekend pleasures, but it works well as a sweater under a sport coat as well. Sizes M-XXL. Available in colors that evoke the season, and shown with our versatile red and blue tattersall check button down shirt. Vests are shown top to bottom: A-campari; B-sky; D-sun; C-seaglass. Each vest, KCSV2…$165. Shirt, 690…$215. b. Traditional surcingle twill belts, 1³/8" wide, with leather ends and solid brass buckles, trace their history to the heavy wool straps used for training horses, and the old French words “sur cengle” meaning “over the girdle” of the horse. They are a handsome weekend addition to your wardrobe. Size 32–46. Available in eight solid colors: A-black; B-camel; C-olive; D-red; E-yellow; F-denim; H-forest; I-navy. Also available with a center stripe: J-navy with camel stripe; K-camel with navy stripe; L-navy with red stripe. Each surcingle twill belt, S683...$85. a 48 | b Perfect for Golf or Leisure… sleeveless cotton V-neck c Above: Inspired by the American Ivy League, a classically made English saddle shoe from Crockett & Jones—traditional navy and white oxfords with handsome red rubber Goodyear welted soles. Available in sizes 8.5–12. The Princeton, 5298…$635. c. Two of our favorite shirts are complementary color graph check button downs. Choose from either 690-a red and blue graph; or 691-navy and sky graph check. Each is cut into our exceptionally comfortable and uniquely styled button down shirt, with its signature collar roll, generous gentleman’s fit, and the tailoring of all of our fine dress shirts, including mother-of-pearl buttons. Each shirt…$215. d. Our Charleston Britches are cut from a summer weight peach finish cotton for extra comfort and softness, then garment washed for extra softness. Although they are made to the same size specifications as all of our trousers, including our dress drills, they have larger belt loops, permitting a more casual wider belt, and they may be washed. They are guaranteed to be “go-to” pants for weekend comfort. Cut, as all of our trousers, in the full range of sizes. Charleston Britches, forward pleat, HBBF; or plain front, HBBP…$225. Surcingle twill belt in navy, S683-L...$85. 1-800-221-4671 | 49 c d