Late June 2022

a. Two of the newest colors of our unique polo shirts, paired with our wonderful “Charleston Blues”, weekend leather sneakers, calfskin leather belt and brilliant sunglasses. Polo shirts, BSPS2-C and B…$89 each. “Charleston Blues,” AGJ…$195. Leather sneaker, LRS-A…$395. Calfskin belt, 9942-D…$175. Sunglasses, EPSB-B…$265. b. Our classic polo shirts, always offered in a plethora of brilliant colors, are now yours to enjoy in wonderful pastel shades. Each color celebrates the season. The fabric is in the highest quality cotton pique weave; the sizing is generous but properly scaled; the shape is classically proportioned; the banded sleeve is the right length and width; the ribbed collar is casual, but wide enough to lie properly under a sport coat; the buttons and the button placket are refined; and the bottom is properly finished with a side gusset. Like the brighter hues of the same style on the previous pages, each is embroidered with the graceful subtropical Palmetto. Shown from top to bottom: E-shell; D-sky; C-sun; A-lavender; B-mint. Each polo shirt, BSPS2…$89. c. As all of our Ben Silver eponymous eyewear, hand crafted exclusively for us in Germany, from the finest Italian carved acetate. These sunglasses have a 47 mm lens, with a 23 mm keyhole bridge. Shown front to back: A-amber; B-black; C-tortoise; D-Tokyo tortoise. Sunglasses, BS354…$335 each. a b Pastel Colors for the Season …in our exclusive polos c 1-800-221-4671 | 47