Late June 2022

a. Timeless in every season, our cashmere crewneck plain weave sweaters are the perfect example of clothing that transitions from one season to another. Weekend days now, cool evenings later in the spring, these handsome cashmere sweaters will be ready at hand. Shown with our remarkable Panama weave Bengal stripe shirt, shown below. Cashmere crew neck sweaters, light yet lofty, are knitted in delightful color for the season, shown top to bottom: A-strawberry; B-sky; E-lavender; D-green mist; C-denim. In sizes M–XXL. Each sweater, HW89…$595. Shirt, 654…$295. b. Our blue and white Panama weave Bengal stripe shirts are meticulously cut from 2-ply 170s thread count Swiss cotton. Three different collar options, shown clockwise from top: 654-button down; 654K-Kelly; 654S-spread. Each shirt…$295. c. An example of our finest Italian knit socks in pure cotton, in a birdseye pattern, and in colors well suited to the season, shown from left to right: 274-royal; 281-periwinkle; 279-khaki; 275-coral; 280-sage; 283-sky; 284-pink; 282-purple. Above the calf, in sock sizes 11–13. One pair cotton birdseye socks, CBS…$38. Six pairs, 6CBS…$36 each. b a 1-800-221-4671 | 5 Finest Scottish Cashmere …featherweight & luxurious c 4 |