Fall 2022 Collection

18 | www.bensilver.com OUR SHIRTS ARE CUT FROM THE FINEST Swiss and Italian fabrics, all 2-ply high thread count, to assure the softness and silky hand of the fabr ic and the comfort and durability of the shirt. Our shirts are cut in our Canadian artisan workrooms in 15 x 2 through 18 x 7, in either a gentleman’s fit, with a roomy sleeve and body, or, upon request, our trim silhouette. We uniquely provide a 15 ¾ collar to meet the needs of so many gentlemen. Each shirt has Mother-of-Pearl buttons, or, on sport shirts, horn buttons. Each shirt is single needle stitched, with side gussets for added strength; collars have removable stays; we add gauntlet buttons and double buttons at the cuff for added comfort, and we add an extra ¼" width to the left sleeve to assure room for a wristwatch; we add an extra allowance for shrinkage to our range of elegant and comfortable non-fused collars; our collars all have proper tie space;and we are proud to have a button down collar with a perfect collar roll. At left: Four handsome shirtings, each with a cutaway collar, selected for its versatility. No other dress shirt collar can be worn handsomely without a necktie; this collar holds its shape without a tie and never slips under a jacket lapel. Having the option of wearing the cutaway collar shirt either with or without a necktie is an asset. Shown from front to back: Swiss woven, extremely high thread count 2-ply cotton with a subtle ivory glen plaid on the sky blue ground, 3404…$295. Swiss woven 2-ply blue and white Bengal stripe, 3245…$225. Swiss woven 2-ply high thread count mini-grid in understated tones, 8421…$225. Blue Swiss woven 2-ply high thread count cotton with a white pencil stripe, 4256…$225.